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June 21st, 2011

01:29 pm - An article...
I thought you all might like this...
5 Reasons to Date a Geek

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September 6th, 2010

07:09 pm - Re-application?
Well, I was in this community some time ago. Years ago, actually. But through journal abandonment and neglecting the internet I fear I need apply again. Plus, from what I can see this place needs a little life thrown into it. Here goes.

My name is Jessy, and i'm a geek. I'm also kind of cute.

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Current Mood: awake

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March 17th, 2010

05:31 pm - Here is my application.
Never mind, I changed my mind :) Sorry to waste your time.

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November 7th, 2009

03:15 am
Anyone ever used OpenRPG?

I'm looking for a free program that I can use to play D&D with people over the internet. A friend recommended OpenRPG to me. I just downloaded it and will poke around with it tomorrow after sleep and work. I'm just wondering if anyone here has experience with it. It looks like it might be kinda confusing to learn.

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September 7th, 2009

06:59 pm - PAX
Went to PAX. It seriously rocked. Coolest looking demos were Brutal Legend (OH AND I MET TIM SCHAFER AAAA), Mass Effect 2, Brink, Shank, Dragon Age, and of course, The Old Republic. I don't really do pictures, but I did get a couple of cool ones on my phone.

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Did anybody else here make it to PAX this year? (Do you also now have tuberculosis?)

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August 24th, 2009

08:40 pm - Application


Sorry, this is the only full length picture I have of me on my computer..im usually the one behind the camera :)

So i'm not really sure what lj cutting is or what have you so I apologize in advance for this being in original post form.

But here it goes,

I'll start with the basics, since you cant have the pie without the crust.
I am about to be a freshman in college, I live in minnesota. I love cats, reading, writing and my overactive imagination, I plan on being an elementary school teacher someday but would first like to travel to another country to teach english ( I will be getting my TEFL degree through my college)
my geekiness,
like I mentioned I love to write, especially fantasy and science fiction. The book that started by love for sci fi is the blue sword by Robin Mckinley, and from there I graduated to Tamora Pierce. Ever since that first fateful book I have barely read in any other genre (Except the classics of course, I would never give up my Tolstoy) I have a large imagination that science fiction has fueled over the years, but books arent the only thing im passionate about.
After finding my love of science fiction and fantasy books I began to slowly expand my thus far limited horizons, just a couple of months after I picked up The blue sword I was introuced to Tokyo Mew Mew by Reiko Yoshida, and I loved it. Admiteddly Mew Mew doesnt have the deepest plot ever, but I was 12 and the fact that the heroine had pink hair and cat ears sealed my love for Manga. Suprisingly I didnt make the jump from Manga to Anime till much later, only a few years ago in fact but I sincerely am addicted to that as well, and all I can say is thank god for Animecrazy.com, because I would spend my life savings buying all of the anime I wanted to watch (I jump from show to show regularily) 
At my high school, nobody knew about this, I suppose its because nobody thought to guesse because its not like im hiding anything but in all honesty most people classified me as the blond with the good grades who won VP because she's pretentious. I was also thought of as a science nerd, which is saying somthing when your high school is the Academy for Sciences and Agriculture. But I love science, especially chemistry, I dont really know why but I love the feeling I get when I understand how somthing works be it chemical reaction or balancing equations. I currently am working on a science fair project with my partner (And best friend) for the national science fair in indianapolis.
What else? I am super, super bad about talking about myself, I had to have someone help me with my NHS application because I couldnt write a whole paper about how great I am. :) hmmm, what else will you want to knowa bout me? Im supposed to be establishing my geekiness but I dot really know what to say, I am terrible at computerworks, honestly I am, which is ironic since my dad builds them and my mom was the tech personf or a hospital (Both of them have computer related degrees from college) but somehow or some way my brother got all of the tech savvy genes and I was left with swearing at my computer when it breaks. I do understand enough to get by but for the most part my mom or dad figures tech things out.
I am all right in the vdeo game department, I mostly play computer games, I love the sims..I just bought the sims 3 and have already put in a good 20 hrs. of playing. I own a ds but dont play it much and my dad doesnt relinquish the x box, so the conventional video gaming is kinda a mute point in my life.
I dont suppose any of this made sense, but theres not much I can say for myself except that my hero in life is Tamora Pierce and I find the element table sexy. :)

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August 18th, 2009

12:33 am
Anyone else here twiddling their thumbs while waiting for the Champions Online open beta to work?

For those of you who don't know, the open beta was supposed to start today at 10:00 PDT (12:00 Central, which is my time). It's been 12 hours and as far as I can tell, not a single person has been able to get into the game due to horrific patcher errors and download times (several hours to get to 1%). People are having to rearrange files on their computer, re-download the game client from FilePlanet with its awful several-hour queues, and then struggle to download huge files at the end 95-99% of the download, only to have the patcher crash and start all over again.

The forums are rife with complaints, but there's some MMO-themed gallows humor I felt was worth sharing with fellow geeks who may appreciate it.

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As for me, I've got the patcher running -- it's only completely restarted 3-4 times for me. I'm at 36 megs out of 3.6 gigs now, and it only took me about 45 minutes to get there. I've also got the FilePlanet Download Manager running, in case the patch takes longer than it takes to sit through the ~400 minute queue at FilePlanet, then download it from there. With any luck, I'll get to play sometime this week!

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August 8th, 2009

11:16 pm - This community needs a revival!

Fine, I'll put on the cowl.

Current Mood: amusedamused

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July 7th, 2009

07:15 pm - photo whoring
My boyfriend and I at CONvergence over July 4th weekend. He got random catcalls from strangers all night.

Bonus nerd points to anyone who gets this reference:

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June 22nd, 2009

12:32 am - it's been a while!
It seems like forever since I first applied here! Well, I went off to college and I'm finally done with freshman year. Wow, I'm not quite sure how to describe what it was like living on my own for the first time, but I'm sure a lot of you understand! My English professor has encouraged me to continue writing and submit pieces to our literary magazine, and I've also become friends with a former editor-in-chief of our university's newspaper. My school doesn't have a debate or Model UN organization, but I know a few freshmen who are interested in starting a Model UN team, so I've asked to be a part of that. I became a lot more proactive in learning more about my heritage and joined KSA (Korean Student Association) and ASA (Asian Student Association). I started becoming very involved in event planning and became a Freshmen Public Relations/Event Coordinator in KSA and have recently been elected Vice President of Event Planning for ASA. Both organizations are more into partying than I expected...but I'm currently trying to think up a lot more cultural related activities and volunteering events.

I just moved into another dorm for the summer, I'm doing paid research for ten weeks related to a book my professor is writing on the history of ecology. I'm meeting with him on Tuesday to set up a research schedule. Hopefully I'll have more to post on that soon! Oh, and I have my trusty DDR here in my dorm room. I will take more pictures when my roomie and I are settled.

I decided to attend university in a six year accelerated law program with an undergraduate degree in Political Science. I have a few doubts, but I'm realizing that I'm a lot more interested in domestic policy than I thought I was!

Here are some pictures, some related, some not as much...

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