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it's been a while! - The Hot Geeks

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June 22nd, 2009

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12:32 am - it's been a while!
It seems like forever since I first applied here! Well, I went off to college and I'm finally done with freshman year. Wow, I'm not quite sure how to describe what it was like living on my own for the first time, but I'm sure a lot of you understand! My English professor has encouraged me to continue writing and submit pieces to our literary magazine, and I've also become friends with a former editor-in-chief of our university's newspaper. My school doesn't have a debate or Model UN organization, but I know a few freshmen who are interested in starting a Model UN team, so I've asked to be a part of that. I became a lot more proactive in learning more about my heritage and joined KSA (Korean Student Association) and ASA (Asian Student Association). I started becoming very involved in event planning and became a Freshmen Public Relations/Event Coordinator in KSA and have recently been elected Vice President of Event Planning for ASA. Both organizations are more into partying than I expected...but I'm currently trying to think up a lot more cultural related activities and volunteering events.

I just moved into another dorm for the summer, I'm doing paid research for ten weeks related to a book my professor is writing on the history of ecology. I'm meeting with him on Tuesday to set up a research schedule. Hopefully I'll have more to post on that soon! Oh, and I have my trusty DDR here in my dorm room. I will take more pictures when my roomie and I are settled.

I decided to attend university in a six year accelerated law program with an undergraduate degree in Political Science. I have a few doubts, but I'm realizing that I'm a lot more interested in domestic policy than I thought I was!

Here are some pictures, some related, some not as much...

Our annual ASA dinner:


ASA Culture Show! (These are the officers who were mostly obligated to dress to our gaming theme.)

And well...college:


I haven't been much of a photographer this year so a lot of these pics aren't exactly super geeky, but hopefully I'll be able to chronicle more of the geeky moments in my life!

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(Deleted comment)
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Date:June 22nd, 2009 08:49 pm (UTC)

Re: not so much

Oh, heh...I'm already a member.
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Date:June 22nd, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)
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Date:June 24th, 2009 02:06 am (UTC)
You (the one I'm assuming is you, since I don't know you, hurhur) remind me of Sun from Lost. Mostly in the first pic.

And in the fifth picture down, the guy in the back made me think of that guy from Twigightlihgth. Man I can't even type it. My fingers get filled with too much rage.
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Date:June 24th, 2009 09:41 am (UTC)
My first thought was totally Sun too.
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Date:June 26th, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)
Great pictures! Thanks for the update!

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