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June 12th, 2009

11:43 pm - application! :)
here we go

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Current Music: Southwood Plantation Road - The Mountain Goats

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April 19th, 2009

11:38 am - Yet another application.
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April 16th, 2009

06:47 pm - whut
Gamers, prepare for bafflement.

They're making a Great Giana Sisters game.

For the DS.

Seriously, WHAT

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March 14th, 2009

04:30 pm - Happy Pi Day!!!
Because I don't have addresses to mail these to you...Collapse )

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March 12th, 2009

11:42 am - Watchmen MMO.. or not.
So, last night, I downloaded the Watchmen: Justice Is Coming game for the iPhone. It's purported to be an MMO, with customisable characters, etc.

I'm so fucking glad I spent $1.20 on this piece of shit. Seriously. First ten minutes I was playing? It locked up and rebooted to the iPhone's main screen *four times*. Once because my *character's name* was a character too long. As in, "type type type type REBOOT".

Did I mention the shockingly jerky fight animation? Or how after each fight, it goes back to the "loading city" screen.. which takes about two minutes? It's even the exact same scripted pan down the street every fucking time.

"Customisable characters"? Well, you start in jeans, a jacket and sneakers. So far I've found some different coloured jeans and jackets, and a baseball cap. Not QUITE the urban vigilante look I'm after, more of the "guy who totally wandered into the wrong side of town oh god I'm gonna get raped or something" style. (Actually, one jacket looks like Marty McFly's, so there's a slight nod to the 80s, I guess).

There's also about one piece of music in the game, which is looped.

I seriously have had MORE fun playing the Double Dragon style beat-em-up flash game on the movie's official website.

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March 10th, 2009

11:11 am - Application (Do I have to wear a tie?)

Okay, I don't talk about myself a lot but here it goes....
Right now i'm in New Jersey and it's not as bad as the rest of the country thinks. I'm a first year art student but I've been drawing all my live so right now my life is more fun then most people. Oh and i'm not a girl I just like The lady in my user pic.

Art - I love art, I love drawing and I will do it all day if I don't have anything else to do. It's a way for me to relax and see the world and people in a diffrent way. I'm so serious about it that I joined Conceptart.org last week.

Comic books - I am one of the few people that knew Watchmen, Batman, Iron man and X-men were awsome before the rest world amd i'm still waiting for that Green Arrow and Black Canery movie. I'm reading Runaways Vol.1 right now and wishing it was still this good.  Thinking about creating my own Graphic novel too.

Books - I couldn't bring all my books with me so I'm reading The Wheel of Time right now.  I will never stop reading Fantasy and Scifi books because the writers have to put more work into it and I can respect them for that. Gene Rodenberry just did wake up one day and say "My ships should warp space to travel." (I know it wasn't a book. I'm just trying to prove a point.)

SkateBoarding - I once walked around with a broken coller bone for 4 days. You don't want to feel THAT kind of pain but if your a skating boarding you know that you have a good day or a funny day. My dream is to get a rich girl in high heels on a board someday.

Cars - I have a 1969 Mustange. It Won't always start when I tell it to but I still love it. My first car was a Nova..... I Loved it less that the Mustang.

Scifi - I like Star Wars, BattleStar Galactica and Bladrunner because they got it right with these three. Scifi stories are about people in strange settings. They say something about the time that they were made. One more thing i'm sick of hearing " George Lucus should retire." He made one bad movie! Just one!

Video games -  I have a PS2, 8 bit NES, Genesis and a pc. Right now i'm geeking out on Star Wars Battlefront 2, Mercinaries, Rad Racer (Old NES game.) and Alpha Centari. In  that order.

I don't really know my level of Hotness. I never thought about it because i'm comfertable with my self but I don't have a lot of trouble getting girls.

You can tear apart my bad grammer now.

Current Mood: crazycrazy

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February 17th, 2009

07:28 pm - Application
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February 16th, 2009

11:28 pm - Geeky T-Shirt Thread
metricula's awesome "Camp T" tee-shirt inspired me to start this thread. What geeky shirts do you guys own? Maybe some geeky pants, or "other" apparel?

I'll startCollapse )

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06:13 pm - Metricula's Manic Mondays
This past Thursday I went to my local instance of [Twestival]. Twestivals happened all over the country on the same night to raise money for [charity: water].

If you've ever been to any kind of real-life Twitter event, you understand the surreality of meeting so many people from the internet all at once. There are some pictures up at the [Raleigh Twestival] and [Triangle Tweetup] Flickr pools. (Here are a couple of me [wearing a "Pump up the Jam" shirt I reconned myself] and [with a moustache and some of my raffle-won swag].)

Anyway, I LOVE TWITTER. I've made real-life friends through the service, found out about awesome local goings-on, won free swag in local contests, and found a place in my local bloggers network. Also, you can follow [LeVar Burton], [Whil Wheaton], [Felicia Day], and [Brent Spiner] among others. You can also [follow me]. :)

Do any of you use Twitter? Have you been to any tweetups? What were they like? Do you think it's a waste of time? Do you have any favorite desktop or iPhone apps for it?

And here's an unrelated picture:

Current Music: NPR - Astrophysicist Tyson On 'Pluto Files' | Powered by Last.fm

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January 19th, 2009

01:21 am - Metricula's Manic Mondays
I hope everyone is having a spiffy new year!

In geeky news:

My boyfriend's birthday is on 29 February, so last year he had an actual birthDAY. We had a super-fun party and he became inebriated. While he was drunk, he told his friend W that he would buy him a PS3. A few days later W jokingly reminded Phil about his promise, but Phil made good on it on a few months ago.

Anyway, as a thank you W made him a custom PS3 theme with our faces! You can download it here at the bottom of the page if you want to see what it looks like.

Anyway, I thought it was awesome.

Also, has anyone else tried PS Home and found any use for it? Maybe I'm missing some key element.

I did rearrange my apartment furniture to look like a penis.

And because this is hot_geeks, some blatantly self-absorbed holiday pictures:
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