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How it works

1. As soon as possible, after joining the community, post your application. Do not post anything besides this. Do not comment to any other posts. Posting anything other than an application or a reply to your application without a stamp will result in you being banned.
2. Members that have been already accepted will vote on your application. You will be rated on how you look as well as how geeky we think you are. Be sure to include all your geekness in your application. Include at least one full sized picture of yourself.
3. After you have received sufficient votes, you will be stamped. You need at least 2/3rds (66%) of your votes to be yes in order to get accepted, or you will be rejected and may not post or comment. If you are rejected, you may try again at a later date.
4. If you are accepted, you will be given a stamp and a link to add a comment. Please include the url of your application in that comment. This is used to keep track of who is stamped. This is very important.
5. There is no need to be a prick. If any mod (ethel, peefy, or laeryken) feels you are out of line, they have the right to ban you, whether you be stamped or not. If you have been banned and feel this is unfair, you may take it up with the other mods. Or go cry to hooper_x.


1. You may not vote, post or reply to posts until you are accepted. Obviously, your application is the exception to this rule.
2. If your application is long and containing pictures, as it should be, please lj-cut. We might cut you if you don't. Saying "Teh Application" is considered possible grounds for automatic denial.
3. Once you're accepted, you must post here with a link to your application.
4. After you've posted your application's acceptance to above link, you are free to vote, post and reply to our community. Remember: don't be an asshat.
5. We would like this community to have a friendly, inviting atmosphere. Please refrain from personal attacks. If an argument is coming down to semantics and grammar, that's a pretty good sign it's over; let it die.


1. Remember, we are geeks. Talking about winning a football game will not impress us, while talking about winning a game of counterstrike might (well, maybe not just one will :P). If you're not sure which of your hobbies to include in your application, here's a list of our weaknesses.
2. Proper use of the English language and an easy-to-read format aren't necessary, but it will help a great deal. The most effective way seems to be paragraph format, using complete sentences, and a visit to the spell-checker.
3. Read through some of the applications for ideas and examples. Some good applications can be found here, here, and here. One member even threw in Geek Code. Don't be afraid of talking too much about your geeky habits - it's always better to have a little too much information than not enough. In fact, we encourage you to share openly and at length. It is our pride in being a geek, and the desire to pursue our geeky pursuits, that we admire.
4. For the love of all that is truly geeky, please realize this: geek is not "scene." Nor emo, nor trendy, nor pop-culture. If you are only here because you have: just seen LOTR, read Harry Potter, once owned a video game, or "watched some anime," then you are probably in the wrong place. We geeks love what we do, we do what we love as often as possible, and we do it the very best. We definitely don't do it because we think it makes us "cool."
5. There is an ongoing debate about the differences between what constitutes a geek and what constitutes a nerd. One primary difference is a nerd's utmost valuing of intelligence, learning and knowledge. While these qualities are obviously important to geeks, they are the heart and soul of nerds. We welcome everyone to apply here at the_hot_geeks, but many applicants may also find themselves welcome at hot_nerds. Consquently, you will find that a good portion of our member base overlaps. Why? Because both nerds and geeks rule, of course. If you didn't know that, close your web browser right now and walk away from your computer. Forever.

Members & Voting

1. Members: Remember that if you do not include a "yes" or "no" along with an explanation of your vote (long/short - whatever), this will not count as a point for or against the applicant.
2. If an applicant does not present enough information, please do ask them for more. If you would like them to expand on something before you vote, that is quite acceptable.
3. Please try to remember that we are voting on both hotness and geekiness. You are free to decide which is more important to you, but keep both qualifications in mind.
4. Once you are voted in and have posted a link to your application here, be sure to add yourself to our introduction post here.

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